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The Ohio Law Enforcement Support Office (Ohio LESO) of the Ohio Department of Public Safety is starting the Auto Choice Program for Ohio Law Enforcement.  This program allows County and Municipal agencies to purchase vehicles through the General Services Administration (GSA) Vehicle contracts.  All State agencies must continue to order through the Department of Administrative Services Fleet Management office. The primary ordering time for this program is the beginning of October thru the end of March each year.


We need to know the number, type and cost of the vehicles your agency will order this period.  Vehicle and pricing information are available at the following website: www.autochoice.gsa.gov.  You will need to register to use the site.  The Agency Code to enter is 21 and the Bureau Code is 44. You will be able to build each vehicle you want and receive a purchase price. Please use the fax format located on the Forms page at ohioleso.ohio.gov.  Fax your response to 614-466-5181 and include the quote sheets you receive from Auto Choice.  A point of contact for your agency should be identified on your fax for any questions and updates.  Please ensure that your agency qualifies for this program based on your local procurement rules and regulations.  Agencies should also review the GSA Terms and Conditions to ensure acceptability and compliance.


Provide your information to the Ohio LESO by January 16, 2006 . Once authority to purchase is granted, your agency will be contacted with further instructions to process the purchases.  As the time will be short, any agency that plans to purchase vehicles this year must be ready to provide a check, payable to the Department of Public Safety, for their purchase as soon as the authority is received on or about February 13, 2006 .


This program is also available for FY2007.  An estimate of your purchasing plans for FY2007 will be required by June 1, 2006 .  Please provide the same information as stated above in a fax submission as well as the quote sheets from Auto Choice.  Recommend that you work up your quote sheets before the end of March 2006 as the information may not be available after the current year build-out dates expire.


If you have any questions regarding this program, please call Ohio LESO at 614-995-3789.



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