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The following web sites contain information concerning the 1033 and 1122 programs:
LEA Automation Guide
LEA user guide to the electronic screening and processing system.
LESO - Home
The Defense Logistics Agency, Law Enforcement Support Office web site contains various information on obtaining federal surplus property
DRMS/LESO Screening Application
You can screen for most items at this site. To screen all items (including demil) you need to access from a .gov or .mil ISP If there is something specifically you are looking for, let us know and we will try to locate it for you. We are visiting the DRMO's and screening daily from this office for equipment, and have access to the restricted areas.
bluelogobuttonsm.jpg (2026 bytes) Ceremonial Rifle Program

Information to receive weapons for ceremonial units, color guards, etc.

1122 Program Weapons Purchase Program
This is the Rock Island Arsenal web site concerning the purchase of weapons through the 1122 Program. It contains procedures and approximate prices for various weapons and optic systems.
bluelogobuttonsm.jpg (2026 bytes) GSA Schedules
GSA Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies Catalog for purchase through the 1122 Program.
DRMS Customer Comment Card Survey
Your opportunity to submit comments about your experiences at the local DRMO,
State of Ohio First Responder Kit Contract 
Contract Number OT905603

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