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In the final step, the authorized screener accepts the property from DRMO and transports it to the agency. The LEA then needs to log into FEPMIS, the Federal Excess Property Management Information System, to receipt the new intem into the inventory program. The agency in possession of the property is then responsible for maintaining accurate records of location, use, and condition. These records are subject to audit by State and Federal officials. The Agency also submits a copy of the signed and completed DD Form 1348-1A to the Ohio LESO to validate that the item was received. These documents can be faxed to Ohio LESO, (614) 466-5181, from the DRMO facility.

Vehicles are requisitioned just like any other property, either in person or on the Internet.  The DRMS Form 103 must be entered into the electronic screening application and submitted to the Ohio LESO with justification  In addition, the Ohio LESO will review the number of vehicles the agency has received previously and determine if additional vehicle allocation is justified or if the vehicle will be diverted to another agency.

When a vehicle is issued the LEA must ensure that a Standard Form 97 is prepared and issued at the same time.  This document transfers ownership from DoD to the LEA and is a supporting document for the LEA to apply for a title for the vehicle. SF97s are not issued for vehicles 2 1/2 ton or larger.

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