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Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) can loan-lease serviceable NVDs for just $300.00 per unit per year through a program sponsored by the Crane, Indiana, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NAVSURWARCENDIV Crane). The $300.00 fee covers refurbishing and administrative costs. This program puts high-quality night vision goggles (model AN/PVS 7) refurbished to military standards into the hands of departments both large and small. If LEAs are interested in loan-lease program to acquire NVDs they must follow the procedures listed below:
1. Send a request on the LEA Department Letterhead stating the number of units requested along with the number of officers within the department. The request must also include, the point of contact, telephone number, fax, and address.
2. Contact Ms. Deb Owens at (812) 675-4985 or Ms. Sharon Sutton at (812) 675-5349 for the fax number to send your request.
3. Once they have received the request, they will prepare a contract and fax it back to the LEA. The LEA must sign the contract on the 2nd page in the lower right, and return it to them with an approved purchase order or copy of the check that they will mail to her.
4. Once all required documentation has been received, the request will be processed for issue. Delivery normally ranges from 60 to 90 days.
If the goggles need to be repaired at any time, NAVSURWARCENDIV Crane will immediately ship a replacement at no additional cost to the LEA. As new version of the goggles become available, the center will replace the AN/PVS5 with upgrades at no additional cost. In addition, the center has included in the program the repair of agency-owned night vision and thermal imaging equipment at actual repair cost. In the future, NAVSURWARCENDIV Crane plans to extend the program to include light-intensifying handheld night vision scopes and pocket scopes.
For more information concerning this program, please contact the POCs above.

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