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Section 1122 of the FY 1994 National Defense Authorization Act authorizes state and local governments to purchase law enforcement equipment suitable for counter drug activities through the Federal Government. The program affords state and local agencies the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts available to the Federal Government due to its large volume purchases. By using this system, law enforcement activities will be able to stretch their budget dollars in purchasing items required for the completion of their missions.

If you are interested in having the U.S. Government acquire weapons for your counter drug operations, a list of weapons is currently available. We will provide price and availability (P&A) for your requirements, which are rough order of magnitude estimates for budgetary purposes.

If you are interested in having the U.S. Government acquire weapons for your counter drug operations, then contact the Ohio LESO.

The new purchasing procedures from Rock Island Arsenal, as of December 5, 2001, are as follows:

1. State/Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) will contact their State Point of Contact (SPOC) for purchase instructions. LEA submission must include the following:

a. A purchase request/purchase order containing quantities, National Stock Number (NSN), nomenclature, unit price and total cost of the desired systems AND a clear shipping address with the receiving POC and his/her commercial telephone number;

b. The LEA's email address (if available);

c. A check for the total cost of the desired systems made payable to the US Treasury;

d. Completed Lautenberg form(s) from LEA user(s); and,

e. Certification of compliance with statutory requirements as follows:

- "Order certifies weapons will be stored and secured in proper facility" -"Order complies with Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964"

- "Order complies with section 606 of Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (as amended) and Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended)"

- Lautenberg Certifications IAW 18USC922(d)(9) attached to and accompany this order."

Samples of Lautenberg Certificates and the purchase request form are located on the forms page.  A current price listing is available at  http://tri.army.mil/LC/CS/1122/Section 1122 Program.htm


2. SPOCs will approve LEA order and submit purchase to TACOM-RI using a purchase request/purchase order. SPOC will also furnish an email address for confirmation of order receipt and for subsequent correspondence (as required).

3. TACOM-RI will acknowledge receipt of order by email and notify agencies of anticipated delivery date. TACOM POC will notify LEA/SPOC customer(s) when systems have been shipped from contractor or depot.

The above represents what TACOM RI requires to process system orders for our Section 1122 program customers. Although the above procedure is an ideal, the LEA and SPOC can tailor responsibilities to suit their unique state situation. HOWEVER, ALL DATA INPUTS DESCRIBED ABOVE MUST BE PROVIDED AT TIME THE ORDER IS PLACED OR THE ORDER WILL BE REJECTED.

State Point of Contact is Ohio LESO, Ohio Department of Public Safety, 1970 W. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43223, (614) 995-3789, FAX (614) 466-5181, email: ohioleso@dps.state.oh.us.


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1970 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223 | (614) 995-3789 |fax (614) 466-5181